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The Micron is a cheap,very exciting kite with a bang for buck that cant be beaten and i wonder if other makers past or present have or have had similar kites in their retail line ups?
Ive noticed plenty of flyers own them but nobody really makes,takes much notice or reference to this evil little Speed Demon that really speeds up your hand-eye so much so that when you pull out the big wing to trick its like its in slow motion and you are always a step ahead with plenty of reflex in reserve.(not that it helps me any)
Is this a secret that no ones sharing as its high speed,in your face,do not blink or you will crash ,is more like a high tuned turbo muscle-memory technique more than a high speed toy?
Or will it cause harm if used in large doses?

The first one that comes to mind is the famous Mini Tram...

The second is the infamous Mini Edge.

Don't confuse the Two.



On the Micron. Hold your hands together. Just use finger movement. It's enough.

Ground Zero kites of Australia -Tasmania really (Robert Brasington) used to have the Nipper that was a great  smaller kite that was very good on its own, but also looked great in stacks too!

Try the HQ Delta Hawk in 20mph+ winds - super quick like the Micron but it tries to pull your arms off!! Small but mighty...220lb lines are a must!...stack it at your peril!!


Allen Carter:
There were quite a few kites of Micron size back in the '90s. I have one by Shanti, Which is a mini version of the Lotus , and a Mosquito by Tori Tako, shown here with an actual Micron. Neither of these was intended for the extreme strong wind the Micron can endure, but they sure are fun.

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