Ocius UL tail weight?


Hello. I've just discovered this site and there seems to be wealth of knowledge and experience with all things in kites here.
I recently picked up an Ocius UL and really the kite. I know this kite doesn't come with tail weight but I'm wondering if anyone has experimented putting some weight on the Ocius UL. If so, how much weight and what results did you get? I'm more of a "one pop" flyer and looking to get the kite to rollup, lay on it's back a little quicker. If that makes sense.
Thanks. Cheers.

Ca Ike:
Try 5g.  Most of Jons ul kites do well with 5-7g in the tail without losing too much low end

As the godfather taught me.

A nickle is 5g. A easy on the field adjustment.

That kite really does not need anything in the tail, at all. If anything I'd go 3. I experimented with weights in that kite when we were testing it. The best setting without it affecting flight was no weight, but 3 was the farthest I went without it really started to affect flight/oversteer. Anthony as a point, however, those are on his full sized kites, not something smaller like the Ocius. The standard can take some weight, but not really the UL or SUL, they're set to go as is.


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