can't say I've ever seen a dragon kite quite like this one

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Anyone have one to trade for a slightly used quantum?  :D

Flying Fish:
You'd needs lots of Quantums for this one: 5000  ???

Ara Ararauna:
Oh my!   ???    :o    ???
Is this kiting or puppeteering or film special effects !?!?!?!?!?!
You film this while controlling it by pulling the different strings in the bridle, then do a bit of postprodcution with "Final Cut" to delete the strings, you add a bit of fire with "After Effects" and you've got a hell of a sequence for Harry Potter or Eragon...
Who wants a computer graphics animated dragon when you can have this beauty!

Moreover, the price is also in the special effects range...  ???    :(    :'(

Allen Carter:
Chilese has a shot of the blue & gray version in the calendar this year. Very cool.

This is Wyr'vex....designed and made by rolf zimmerman....
At this time there are two here in the states.....(I can get you one if you like-i set up the last one sold here)...
Somewhere over 3000 individual panels.......


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