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Hey Norm... this isn't an entry, but an example. Does reversing rotation count ?

Backspin Challenge...

Ara Ararauna:
Wow! That was fast RobB?!?!

As with magicians, no time for blinking...  ???

I'm in, as always, but I feel I will not make it on time for the price.... as always...   :(

In any case, I will surely learn a lot.

So, I'm in Norm. Do I need to throw a hat this time?   ::)

I am really excited about this challenge since I want to get better at back spins (i have only done them once or twice on accident)and this challenge looks like it could lead to back spin cascades.    :P

I would like to participate, but won't be able to post a video until sometime next week.   >:(. (My wife and I are helping with a wedding) Good luck everyone. This challenge looks like fun.

Great challange and video Norm  8)

I earned my first pair of Norm's straps with a backspin challange.
Norm was very wise to give me a challange that fit my long hard inputs.  :D

This is a solid skill to have and a very reachable goal.

Hope a lot of the entry level flyers jump in and try it. Looking forward to some videos in the next couple of weeks of success and not so successful attempts. Good luck to you all.



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