Cuben Fibre

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Has anyone had any experience with Cuben Fibre when making a kite sail.  I know Airdynamics uses it on the T5 Cuben Zero Kite

According to the info it's incredibly light and incredibly strong.  See info below:

This is the lightest wt. outdoor fabric we have ever seen.  It is 50% lighter than Kevlar, four times more durable than Kevlar and lasts as long as Spectra and remarkable weighs less than 1/2 oz. per square yard.  It flexes without loosing strength.   Cuben Fiber is a laminated fabric constructed from plasma treated Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)  fibers and monofilament polyester film.  Cuben Fiber retains 100% of its original strength after being folded 250 times.  It is not effected by salt water nor does it soak up water.  It has great UV resistance and is extremely water resistant.

Specs for kite sails are:  54" .33oz - $29.95 per yard  Info from "Quest Outfitters" USA

 Not the most aesthetically pleasing stuff but for a SUL frame it would be awesome!  :)


If you search the forum you will find a bunch of threads on the stuff....
forum member ae, ceewan, doug c, and others have made kites out of the stuff.... (definitely find the threads on here by ae about his super extra ultra light dual line with the stuff!)

kite makers who use it:
Windfire Designs (Tim Eleverston and Ruth Whiting use oil paint on their fantastic designs)
Patrick Tan has made a iFlite out of Cuben Fiber
Karl Longbottom is working with it on a couple of test platforms
Focus Designs (Paul DeBakker and Hunter Brown) used Cuben on a couple super fancy kites

Looks like there are a handful of kite surfing kites use cuben fiber in them as well...

John Welden:

It's incredible stuff.

It comes in quite a few weights/styles.  The lightest stuff is easily strong enough for an SUL.


Super ultra light back packers use equipment made of this fabric.  This can allow total pack weights of under 5 pounds. This would include the pack, shelter, sleep system, rain gear & stuff sacks.  It's a bit pricey.  Many conventional packs weigh more than that just for the pack.


I do use cuben extensively, i will be happy to answer any question you have.

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