No wind

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No info here... Just me expressing my frustration with this sunny day in Seattle... Not enough wind to keep a fearless light in the air (my lack of skill not helping in the least.) wishing right now I'd brought my recently completed Rapere glider with me. 

Maybe tomorrow there will be some wind.


About the same here in Portland!! YUK!! :'(


I went to kite hill around 4:30 and it was pretty decent wind.  Rock steady with my light/standard so smooth that I could just pop it into a fade and let it sit with little tending at all, which is rare there.

It was hot, however (at least for the PNW).  I flew for maybe an hour and a half and then went home. 

Looks like rain tomorrow, but I hope that they are wrong. 

I had my fearless light out as well for part of it.  I've been flying the Tekken almost exclusively for some time now and your post reminded me of one of my favorites. 

Btw, sugarbaker, let me know if you ever change your mind on the 6th sense.  I am slowly getting up to speed to build one myself, but the more I watch all that you do, the more I think that what we pay for these high end kites is a steal! 



Other side of earth is the same.
Even the 4D was out to lunch.
as i was walking backwards i imagined the health benefits i was gaining but as i continued further and further from the car i started to figure out ways of beer cartage and then as the wheezing started to increase more than normal  i imagined huge solar powered fans with remote controls or sitting on the roof of my car and some how flying from the roof racks with remote control or out in the boat and setting the steering and throttle to suit flying while i relaxed in a cushioned deck chair but then as i hit the 50 meter mark i started to sweat (from walking not thinking to hard) i imagined washing away my hard day of work memories and hitting the kite forum to hopefully see a JD,RbB2 or vert2 video or ponder a chilese read on the modern kite or how the kite cottage industry doesnt make the millions it deserves or even better be inspired by the recent birthday boy ARA and his personal triumphs that conquered Spain!
No wind today  :'(


You guys can have some of mine if you like.

Last few weeks winds have been gusty between around 14-18mph on average - too much for comfortable trick flying and not quite enough to have fun ploughing the skies with the Delta Hawk!  :'( :'(

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