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Oh.....kayyyy......that was a little...er...unusual   ??? ???

But actually very informative. ;D

So it would seem I've been doing Barrel Rolls - slack arm forward and 'pull' arm holding constant pressure - for a while now - not always on purpose - but I couldn't get it to backspin - ie; with the Lawnmower pull action- until quite recently.  :)

Good post Norm, shows the difference very clearly! ;D


We have discussed this video before.

There are NO backspins in this video.

They are all Barrel Rolls.

To see what a Backspin looks like:

Place a kite with its belly up on a table.
Start with the nose pointed toward you.
Rotate the kite's center around the center of the table
keeping the belly up at all times.

That is a Backspin.
The kite stays on its back and it spins.

See animation here:

If the kite had started in a turtle, then it would be a lazy susan.

Note that in the video, the nose of the kite stays mostly
pointed at the pilot. The kite is spinning about its spine.
Those are Barrel Rolls.

Most modern kites do Barrel Rolls.

The axis of rotation is key.

Rotate about spine: Barrel Roll
Rotate about center-T: axel (belly down), lazy susan (belly up, nose away), backspin (belly up, nose forward)
Rotate about Lower Spreaders: Yo-yo

Ara Ararauna:

Hmmm... but then the fact is that I haven't seen a backspin.  :-\
According to what you say Chilese, no videos anyone has shown here have a real backspin.
The animation you have referenced in two posts is merely theoretical.  ::)
I'd really like to see a real one.  :P


A backspin is the more difficult trick.

On modern kites with a yank-n-spank approach,
you will get a barrel roll almost all the time.

While I have done a few backspins, it's usually
on an older, flatter kite like the Elixir.

Around the 1 minute mark are some backspins,
although they're not good. I needed a smoother,
softer pull to get a better backspin.

This was 11 VFs ago (almost 3 years).
Shot on the first and only take.
You may want to switch to 720 and full screen.

Wish I had a better example to show you.
I am not the trickster many here are.

Feel free to ridicule the VF entry.
That's why I stopped competing in these events.  ::)

VF15: John Chilese

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