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in hopes of forcing myself to get out of my office at lunch time and to take breaks from the house with a 3 week old (this is a later excuse of course) I made myself commit to flying at least once a week this year....
get me out...and also i am trying to document my collection in flight....

This is today's shot....
all of this is documented on twitter as an easy way to share - search out #flyakiteaweek and then i am also archiving it all in a google drive document that to a If This Than That script...
as it is twitter anyone can easily join in with that hashtag if you wish to....


Very pretty SLK there.  :)

I guess I could fly once a week, but I hate to cut down

so dramatically.  ;)

Allen Carter:

Hey John?

You Suck.

For those who were not around the Forum 12 years ago, that is an old GWTW term of endearment. Well, in most cases. Here it is not, of course, because John gets to fly a lot and so he sucks.

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