Solus COMP- Precision.

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Hey guys,
So after a long rather frustrating process of being in Chicago while everything else is in Michigan with kiting, we finally have a really dialed in version of the Solus Comp standard. I took some of Anthonys settings, felt out what people liked in the feel of the kite at KP and went from there with the main feel of the kite in mind. For those are kite party, we've produced a kite with the same feel as the one you flew, with smoother flight, and more enhanced rotational based tricks without adding weight (actually, we removed weight, quite a lot). I want to thank him for his input on settings and ideas, and let you all know this kite is in full swing now, with a UL as close to being dialed in as possible without actually saying its ready  :'( haha. I hope you all enjoy the video! This is mostly focused on FLYING, not tricks, that video is for later  :). When the feel of a kite on my lines becomes familiar again. Something coming asap! Aura videos as well (4 and 5 oz). Enjoy!

Solus Comp


Hot Morrison,
For a video not focused on tricking that is great tricking  ???
Thanks and cant wait for the "TRICK VIDEO"  :P
Good looking kite also  :-*
Wish i could not focus on tricks like you   ::)


So good to see you flying again kiddo- you were missed!



Thanks guys, it feels good to be getting back into the saddle. More video soon!

Ca Ike:

Nice Devin.  Between that and Alex in the other promo it shows both sides of the kite well.

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