Paul Shuman of Aerodrone Sport Kites

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just found out that Paul passed away in March.

For those of you who do not know of Paul and his kites he made some phenomenal kites;
The speed limit is a bigger kite that has automatic dynamic venting....good to over 30!
The stripes is a great team kite with a good repertoire....
The lark and lite lark are great team kites aimed for competing in lower winds...the lite lark is great in 1mph!

Paul was a master builder, all of his kites had broadseams that help to force more curves into the kites....lots of mylar too in his kites too....

Rest in peace Paul

Doug S:

In the 1990s, I flew on the Stunt Kite Northeast Circuit with Paul.  Great man, innovative kite designer and great pairs team flyer.  He will be missed.



RIP Paul.


That is very sad.

I just flew my Speed Limits a few months ago.


A celebration of Paul's life is planned for August 18. His family and friends welcome anyone who enjoyed and admired him - he was truly a unique individual. Please contact me for specific details.
Paul's sister Pat;

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