Australia Job Test Defense

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Okay, I thought I was pretty good at tests.

But by test 4, I was overwhelmed (the first time).

Good luck.

4th time through I scored an 80.

Test 5 eludes me in the latter sections.  :'(

I now understand Test 5.

7th time through: 87

I still can't figure out the block building for level 5 of test 1.  :'(


Its to hard for me,almost painfull and besides i am still cross eyed from your 3D Mamba stunt thingy!
Last kite outing a pair of F-18fs (super hornet)low-leveled my 11km beach,didnt hear them arrive but i looked up their noise holes all the way till they banked around the far headland,....INSANE.  :o


Eighth time through:


I still can't get the 5th building blocks of Test 1.

The cross-your-eyes 3D Mamba works better if you hold a pencil
point about half way between the picture and your eyes. Then,
look at the pencil point and the 3D Mamba should appear.  :)

red sweater:

Quote from: chilese on May 20, 2013, 11:37 AM
I still can't get the 5th building blocks of Test 1.


I only gave it one run-through, got 65. That 5th level of blocks is insidious.

Picking the best defense is a toughie, too.

I actually got all the synchronization levels, except level 1! The directions weren't very clear. It took me a minute to figure out what I was supposed to do and how.


Pencil eh?
I will try it again.
"Insidious",sums it up for my pea rattlin brain.  ???

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