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I was looking for an active forum, ( as a lot are sorta dead in the water) so this place looks good! Don't know if this post is in the right section, didn't find a "new member" topic area. Anyway, I'm an old flyer from way back in Southern California, started out with a Tony Cyphert 21ft delta, ( if anybody remembers him) it was a great kite, it would top out almost vertical, then float overhead for hours....wonderful.  At present I'm living in Stockholm Sweden, and fly an ITW Sweet 16...excellent kite, I'm probably a die hard delta fan...

Looking forward to reading this forum. 
i know that Tony's family is active on facebook and there is a Cyphert kite group....
i am guessing that very very few of his kites made it east past the rockies...


The main ingredient to an "active forum" is direct participation.

I hope you will do more than merely read the forum.

Now that you have introduced yourself, please feel free to

tell stories, ask questions, answer questions, post photos or movies.  :)
Thanks for the welcome.  I flew the Redondo beach kite  festival several years back in the mid 80s, the last year I attended I actually met Tony on the beach, he walked up and said "yup, looks like one of mine"... ( seeing as it was the biggest thing in the air..lol) and spent the day discussing the tether to heaven.   Strange how the magic never ceases, regardless of age.

 I've had the good luck of finding a little house near the centre of Stockholm on a dead end street with a park literally out my front gate, so once I get settled in and unpacked, I hope to get some big air by the end of the week, been fooling around with some military 3mm line, interested to see the stretch factor with the 16.
Welcome!  ;)
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