Should we get into building?
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 I was hoping you guys could give me some advice. My daughter (11) is getting less and less interested in doing things that involve me. She still loved kites though and is often asking if we can go fly them. Well, all we have are generic walmart kites and she loses interest quickly.  She wants a stunt kite. I want a better stunt kite (have a generic one I got on clearance at walmart)
  Her birthday is coming up the 1st of August, and I thought it would be a great time to get her a decent kite. I'm on disability and the budget is really tight.  I've got a sewing machine.  We started thinking, hey, if we learned to make kites, we could do whatever we wanted, we wouldn't have to try to be happy with something else we find.
 The more I look into it though, the more I wonder , from an economic stand point, are we better off trying to save up and buy a couple better quality kites? or would it be financially feasible to build a couple?
 What do you guys think?
Welcome to the Forum.  :)

A high end sport kite (made to a published plan) will cost you at least $100.

That's due to the initial purchase of all the little stuff in addition to the rods

and fabric. You might be able to get by for a little less.

You could buy something like the Prism Quantum ($100) or Hypnotist ($140)

and have a well made, proven sport kite. There are many kites made in this

price range, I am merely naming a few proven to be popular.

You could also look into purchasing a kite from our Swap Meet. The prices

are reasonable and the sellers have "street cred" with the fliers here.

My daughter use to fly with me on occasion. But the years and miles have

diminished those opportunities. Enjoy your time with her.  :)
Seth, where are you located?   There might be other flyers in your area who could help wow her...
And I would definitely try making a kite might not fly well or it could fly great.....try it, spend the time!
Thief's right, fun to get together with other and try some kites.

Found single line kites are easier than stunts kites to build. Sewing is not always cheaper. You have rods and a lot of small parts to built.

smaller dual line parafoil kites (1.4 size) can be inexpensive and fun for beginners.
thank you for all the advice everybody.
 we are in the northwest corner of Ohio, about an hour west of Toledo
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