Scaled down 6th Sense or Invictus? Anyone made one?

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I really am enjoying my 6th Sense and my Invictus and have been strongly considering making a scaled down version of one of them, probably the 6th Sense!

I have read a prior thread regarding  a 75% scaled down Invictus but I don't really want to scale my build down that much! I was thinking more of a 85-90% version!

I was wondering if any of you all have built them scaled down and whether you liked the scaled down version as well as the originals ...and what if any flight characteristic changes you noticed!

My current 6th Sense is an UL version and my Invictus is a standard!

Ara Ararauna:


Two questions from a total newbie:
1. Why do people scale down kites that already work well at full size?
2. In any case, once you have decided to scale down, why only 90%? Would seem such a small reduction...

I don't want to deviate the thread but I thought it was relevant to learn more about scaling down...


Those are good questions Ari! Not sure I can give you the best answer but I guess the main reason is that even though I love how these two kites fly, I've usually preferred flying a little smaller kites, like the Nirvana Manga which is essentially an NFX Extend ...and has been my #1 favorite kite for a long time! The 6th Sence and Invectus are quickly become my 2nd favorites ...and I still haven't decided which I prefer best! .

They usually fly a little faster & have less pull ...not that either of the above have excessive pull o the flight lines! Smaller kites also usually are lighter in weight and with the right combo of rods can fly in very low winds without losing their ability to do tricks!

Your other point that 90% is not much of a reduction in size is well taken so I might re-evaluate my %'s if I decide to go that route!

I may just end up building another full size kite in another wind range than the two I've already built!

Ara Ararauna:

Cool, thanks for your explanations.
However, I feel a bit guilty I might have made you change your mind...  :-[
I was not trying to convince you of dropping the scaling down of the kites. I was only trying to understand the why's...

In any case, I'm looking forward to what others tell you and what the final outcome is.


Do a search for "sixth sense 85".  Davide has actually posted specs for the sixth sense printed out at 85%.  Frame and bridle already worked out... There is a video somewhere too.

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