French Connection ul ? what should I buy?

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True Rookie:
Has anyone flown this kite and if so how was it?

I'm still a beginner myself, but i enjoy flying mine when my widow is taking a bit too much work to keep up in the air. Its seems pretty well built and comes in a nice case. I will say i only bought mine because i got a very good deal on it. Think i paid about $80 brand new on clearance, i don't think i would recommend paying full price for it though. Probably better UL's out there for that price range. But like i said, i do enjoy mine. It does real nice side slides, yoyos, and it loves to lay on its back all day. To keep it on the light side i don't bother with the included roll bars, and lowered the tall weight a bit.

True Rookie:
 Thank you for your response. I am such a newbie to doing tricks that I am not sure what roll bars are unless your talking about a jeep. This has been my second post since I have joined this forum and was beginning to think that no one was going to respond. I figured that it said this was the place for beginners to ask there questions. The funny thing is the only one to comment is another beginner. But that is alright with me I will take all the help I can get. So once again thank you.

Most of the people who post on this Forum tend toward the higher price kites.

While the NT FC UL is well designed, New Tech has had some quality issues

in the past. This alone would keep many here away.

If you had asked a question regarding a high end kite (Blue Moon for example),

you would have had a reply within the hour.

Welcome to the Forum.

Whichever kite you decide on, it won't be your last kite purchase.  :)

And my thanks to rwbford for answering the call.

Make sure to measure your bridle for any french connection. They were known to slip or stretch.


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