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Hi all,

My family and I are new to kiting. We recently purchased a G-Kite 7' Shadow Delta. The young man at the store recommended it as a good starter. We've flown it twice now and it's a pretty straight forward kite to fly as expected. I've gone ahead and done some reading. My first task has been to setup an anchor system. I tested that on the second flight and it worked great.

My first question is concerning laundry. I'd love to get one of the cylinder ones. I think they look pretty cool. After some reading I see I will need the proper lift for the laundry I attach and also be anchored properly. Any tips and advise would be greatly appreciated.


If you havent found it already I would start here:
Gomberg is the king of big kites


I'm not sure what your question is... could you explain a little more?

Are you wanting to lift line laundry with the delta that you have and are wondering if it's enough? Are you wondering what a good anchor system is (you don't mention what you are using)? Are you wondering about another good lifter kite?

My personal fav lifter is the HQ 36 Power Sled ($110). The Gomberg Super Sled is also a good lifter ($85). I lean more toward the Power Sled for a few reasons: It comes with it's own drogue that functions as it's bag (I love simplicity). It's also built _tough_! The leading edges are reinforced to keep the cells open and it's got good reinforcements all the way around. It will fly in 4mph and I've had it in 30mph winds. In 7mph it has a ton of pull.

For anchors I usually use dog stakes in grass fields. You can also daisy chain together two of them. The second one behind of 1st and it serves to stop the 1st from bending over and wiggling out of the ground. Two dog stakes can be twirled together for storage. You can also step up to tent spikes (found at home improvement stores). Drive these into the ground in an "X" and either wrap the kite line or a strap around them. This is shown on Gomberg's site.

WARNING: If you buy another kite and some line laundry there is a _good_ chance you will become addicted to flying kites. You will find yourself needing that one more kite or one more kite item. It will take you a few years and a look around your house to finally realized your crazed state when you see piles and piles of kites.


I was wondering if The current kite I have could lift some line laundry. It doesn't seem to have a ton of pull. I can easily manage it without it being anchored. That's been in 5 to 10 mph winds. If it can I was looking for recommendations for what type of laundry would be easy to manage for a beginner. Something simple so I can get used to working with the rigging without endangering anyone or myself.

I am interested in anchoring and I've been reading about how to do this the right way. Currently I have assembled a dog stake, a six foot piece of webbing looped on both ends(it was a ratchet strap), and a carabiner. I set this up the other night just to practice. It worked ok and held the kite. I do understand that I will need to read more and take the anchoring far more seriously if I step up to another kite with greater pull and lift. I see for more advanced kites a figure eight is used for better control. I've also been reading about when to use swivels and what knots to use.

The HQ power sled 36 sounds like a good kite as you mentioned, with a lot of pull that could handle larger more advanced laundry. I did a quick search but didn't see a direct link to it. Is that a premier kite? That's my current goal. I am just looking for input and guidance so I can approach this with safety and success. It's been a lot of fun :0) I have also been looking for some kite flying events. It would be great to see some of these in person and watch how it's done.

Thank you both very much for the advice!


I found the HQ kite you referenced.

Direct link to kite store removed. Il Duce.
Cruzin1a, one of the few rules we have here is No Direct Links
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