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Hi all. It seems google has messed with a good thing again. I cannot figure out how to post pics Too a website with or without a link. or for that matter a pic at all. Used to be everything needed was on the right side of the screen No longer, as far as I can tell.. I could use some help PLEASE
Guessing is not needed Ive tried that LOL
I still use picasa and post up things all the time...
i right click on the picture and choose "copy image URL" then paste that into the IMG tags....
Should work just fine that way.

some more details in this sticky thread: http://www.gwtwforum.com/index.php?topic=7795.0
"Link to this photo" is still on the right hand side. You either need to not have a Google Plus account or you need to click on the link that pops up to go to Picasaweb site. Otherwise, yes... Google has integrated Picasaweb direct with G+ and it's a mess.

Are you using Google+?

If so, I would suggest ditching it.

I tried it for about 5 minutes.
you can always force the URL of your bookmarks et al to direct you to picasa and not to google+ https://picasaweb.google.com/home?showall=true
Google+ mobile stuff has actually been getting better lately.....desktop is still 'meh' in my opinion....
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