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Hi everyone! I'm Tom and new to this forum.

I'm a rookie trying to self teach myself to fly stunt kites. I guess the same could be said for most on this forum when they were new. That said, I have an E2 and a Quantum. Both picked up years ago but not flown. For training purposes, beyond youtube I have both the the Prism and Dodd Gross videos. Both are great learning tools. And, using them i 've managed to get basic kite control down. That is, i can fly anywhere in the window, do squares, circles etc. I can land consistantly without too much drama.  So now it's on to tricks.

Problem is - to learn tricks takes a lot of practice and that takes learnable wind conditions. I've got the time, but the wind has been either a no show or a blow out. Since there is little for me to learn by flying in high winds I will pass on that but the low winds are just as frustrating. These kites are too heavy to fly in low wind. Or at least too heavy for me to fly in low wind.

What UL kites would you recco to a rookie? I need something trickable and not overly fragile.

Thx for reading - I'll try to keep future posts a bit shorter.
That's a tough one, honestly. I think a good bet for the money would be a Freestylist UL for Jon T and skyburner kites, or even a used BMK. Other kites are framed in 2pt rods which are more fragile but the freestylist is not, and all of kens kites usually have 3pt frames which are a bit less fragile. Another good idea would be the prism zephyr, although it isn't really a UL. Welcome to the forum!
mtk beach flyer:
Im in the same boat as you are.  I just got off the phone with john at sky burner.  After talking with him for close to 30 min I am going to be ordering my widow maker ul tonight.  I know anyone can tell you anything but after talking with him I believe if I was to have a problem with my kite he would back up his product.
some great advice... i have the zephyr and love it. it flys pretty low, MUCH lower than quantum. does all the tricks and i have never broken it
  can't go wrong with skyburner! i've met Jon, he is 100% dedicated kite guy. He spent time answering and helping me with my newb questions. i am slowly converting over. I just picked up an ocius sul. I've only had it 3days but it flys much easier than the zephyr down low and some things are easier on it already.  I think if i didnt have the zephyr, i would go for the WM ul.

plan on getting more.... and have fun!
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Hi Tom,

The kites mentioned in this thread are all great kites. I recommended my friend get a Zephyr for lower wind flying and it seems to be the perfect fit. It is definitely more resistant to breaking than most UL kites, but it also will not fly as low as a Widow Maker UL will or other high end UL kites. With you being a new flyer I think the Zephyr will be your best bet because it will help you to learn to fly in lower winds without snapping in half when you nose dive.

Remember, flying in light wind takes time, but the more you practice the better you will be at it and then someday you will want to fly in the low winds.

I remember many days getting furious that the wind wasn't there, driving an hour to a kite field for nothing, and then going all the way back home without any flight time... >:(

One day I just kept trying to fly over and over and over again with no wind until I got a little better at keeping my kite in the air. Two weeks later I was learning tricks that I never thought I could do.

Good luck...
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