Long island pilots?
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mtk beach flyer:
Hey everyone.
I was just wondering if there is anyone else that flies out on long island ny other then myself and rob?
Yeah, I've been beating that drum for years. We're alone out here. You have to goto Liberty State Park to find anyone else flying. Keep an open mind to quads, that's what they fly there. It takes me ~2.5 hours to get there, sometimes 3. Not like it's far mileage-wise, but when you're averaging 20mph, it's a grind.
I've been working on my quad skills, so I might be game to take the ride if you want to car-pool. Maybe there's a gathering coming up sometime this summer at LSP ?

mtk beach flyer:
It's amazing.  We have such a great spot here and no pilots to use it.
I wish I could send out our flying spots & winds to those who need it. Just save some for me on Sundays !

keep the wind coming! I'll be out there the middle of JULY! 

if it's a southern wind, take the ferry north  :)
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