Reiliet Giant Parafoils owners
Are there any of you flyers of these beautiful giants out there ?
I was wondering if any of you find any prpblems with the the way the front / top of the cells sort of pucker in and down along the leading edge when it flies.
Anyone have any problems or suggestions when flying them like min / max wind speed limits. 
Personally I love the way they look in the sky and think they have a real distinct presence in the sky.
Please share your experiences.
Thanks in advance.
I saw a picture very recently that shows that Mike Dallmer has one.   Might want to shoot him an email?  Sort of close to you.. I can give you his email offline if you message me.
Hey Thom: Just talked to Mike this morning and we realized that you were the one flying with him ;)
Are there pictures of these parafoils?  I tried google and found nothing.
there is another thread o the forum about them....i think in the Wanted section of the Swap Meet?
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