Fabric Store Quartz ReBorn!
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Ok so as to not clutter up the SS/Magnet build post I thought to just drop images into this post as I progress in the re-making of the Joann's Fabric Quartz.  The original sail has been dated, signed and rolled up for posterity.

Here are quite a few images of the new sail for the Quartz.  So far I have put 9 hours into making proper card stock templates, cutting out panels, glueing panels and pinstripe and of course finally sewing everything so far together.  I was able to apply alot of things into this build I of course didn't understand the first time.  I used a proper 3 step ZigZag for the entire sail except for the spine seam where I used a Semi Flat Felled Seam with a straight stitch x2. Thanks also to sugarbaker for helping explain this process to me along with Sailrite videos to watch the actual sewing processs  :D 

I used a great gluing device similar to that which Krijn uses on his builds.  This was actually a Scotch Brand version of the same tape dispenser.  This made panel attachment incredibly fast since there was no waiting 2 hours per panel for the fabric glue.  They make larger refillable versions but I found these at Walmart for $1.49ea.  It will take two of these to complete a full size kite.  Adhesion was great on the PC-31 and the Mylar.  Really strong bond and doesn't gum up your needle at all.

I may have gone a bit off the deep end with Mylar but I was so excited to actually get some in that I had no option but to indulge in it!  I also went pinstripe crazy this time also.  I have always loved the accent and its contrasting effects.  Krijn helped me get this pinstripe scheme confirmed.   ;) 

At some point this week I will order a five new P2X tubes to replace the camo P2X tubes I first used.  For your viewing pleasures...

Scotch Double Sided Adhesive Roller

New Modifed Templates All Cut Out and Ready

Taking Over Kitchen Table!

Panels Put In Place

Completed Sewn Sail (Time for Dacron!)

Semi Flat Felled Seam

Semi Flat Felled Seam

Stitched Pinstripe

Stitched Pinstripe

Stitched Pinstripe

Stitched Pinstripe

Stitched Pinstripe

Stitched Pinstripe

Semi Flat Felled Seam (Backside)

Stitching (Backside)

Custom Wingtip

looks good! Thanks for sharing.  What frame are you going to be using?
Quote from: sugarbaker on June 21, 2013, 03:10 PM

looks good! Thanks for sharing.  What frame are you going to be using?

It took a little while to get a comfortable feel with frame combinations as I initially started freestyle kite flying pulling on lines like a gorilla.  The original sail fabric although fairly wind proof was always stretching to some degree and I'm sure this did not help make pulls immediately reactive in any way.  Since then I've learned to push/pull my lines with a bit more ease. I really like the balance and rigidity from an entire P2X frame with Nitro STD lower spreaders and pultruded upper spreader (had to add 4 additional grams, from the spec'd 10g, to the tail weight to offset the imbalance due to the lack of Structil for the upper spreader, pultruded in the united States is so much more heavier.  22g per 32.5in. @6mm vs. 15g per 32.5in @ 6mm).  I'm currently using a total of 16g of ballast and this has improved my ability to Yoyo and the kite doesn't lay back so deep when you put it on it's backside. 

I also changed over to a simple brass door pin cut to required weight.  $0.69 for a package of four at Home Depot.  A full doorpin with the head Dremel'd off weighs 23g.  Image below shows the middle one @10g and the right one @23g.  I simply press fit the 23g pin into 6.3mm HQ Splitnocks and 20g or less into 6mm HQ Splitnocks as the small amount of tapered portion of pin is cut off as you go under 20g and diameter changes from 6.3 to 6mm.

I'm also sure P200 frame with 5PT lower spreaders would behave the same way but with a slight increase in overall frame flex.  Some do prefer a less rigid frame.
Can't wait to have my first sewing lesson with my mother-in-law when we go on vacation in July...  then.... I"m in

thanks for the good info!

nice job, good luck with the rest
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