Shops in Oahu
Am looking any kite shops in Oahu. Pls give me some clues. :'(
Steve Hall:
town side
Hawaii KiteWorks
1050 Ala Moana Blvd.

country side
Shack Daddy Surf & Kite
67-106 Kealohanui St
Sorry steve-AFAIK the first one was a small kiosk in the Ward Center, it closed a few years ago, but there is a flag and banner shop there that sells the occasional stunt kite.
#2 is on Maui, I am guessing that it its a kitesurf shop. However, Robert Loera, who used to run a kite shop in a Waikiki hotel, closed it and relocated to Maui and ran a hobby/toy store in a Lahaina mall there but it has been years since I have last been there. Even then the stunt kites were few. 

Best to order online from one of Steve's listings to the right>>>>>>
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