Flying laminate wind
Yesterday we had a moist marine layer coming in from the sea, and it had several layers of wind speeds due to low cloud base. Its a periodic phenomena associated with warm ocean water and dryer cooler conditions inland, the fun part is alternating between the two air flows. The line between the two was so close that the kite ( sweet 16) literally jumped when it hit the higher level ( around 25MPH) and it would run almost vertical, and with a simple pull of a few meters you would return to mild a 12MPH flow. I spent 3 hours playing in and out of the two layers, fantastic stuff with so small margin between the air speeds.

I have seen similar and opposite  conditions in valleys where a ventricle condition is created as the wind gets funnelled between two ridges, making for higher wind speeds, and when the kite goes vertical, you would hit the slower moving air. Both of these conditions will show the kites ability to adjust, and will without a doubt reveal any defects in design, hats off to ITW, as their 16' delta preformed  perfect.
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