Zero-G tow point prussic slips


I was tuning my Zero-G, but some good results kept reverting back to bad results.  Finally I realized the prussic between the knots at the tow point kept sliding back to the middle even though I carefully locked the knot.  I have all factory bridle lines and tow points, including the line that came with it that ties to the main bridle.  I do not think this is a result of the inputs I'm making to the kite (which are pretty gentle) and I've never had this problem with prussics on any other kite.  I posted this issue on the glider geeks FB page and it was suggested to try bees wax on the knot or nail polish.  Since the whole point of a prussic knot is to move it easily, I am inclined to try the wax.  As an archer, I was thinking of using a small dab of my bow string wax.  Oh, and I also tried adding an extra wrap to the prussic knot and that did not seem to help.

Does anyone here have any other suggestions for this issue.  In the end I still want to be able to move this knot easily to adjust for different conditions.

Beeswax or similar should work - it worked on the unsleeved dyneema bridle on my Shadow when I had a similar problem.

Ca Ike:
Add a third wrap to the prussic knot and iit will hold better once you lock it.  On that light line the knot wont stay rolled over and locked.


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