Questions for Classic Prism Illusion kites fans...

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Hi Illusion classic fans ! (or simply owners) !  ;)

I own some Illusion Classic.

My questions :

1 - Some of my Illusions have a 54.9 cm (21 5/8) Upper Spreader length and others only 50.3 cm (19.8).

Is that possible ? Could you check yours please ?

2 On ALL of my Illusions, the square patch to protect the Mylar sail with the spine is to low and could (IMHO) damage the Mylar sail.

Did you noticed the same problem with your Illusion ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Semi related, but I noticed this same thing on my Prophecies.

On one of them that patch came loose over time, so I just re-glued it in the right spot. ;)

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