? about the crow


mtk beach flyer:
Hey everyone.

I have watched a few videos with a kite named "the crow" by paw.  I was wondering what the deal is with this kite.  Is it sold some where.  The person flying in these videos are just amazing.

Peter does sell them, if you contact him directly.

What planet are you from?
PAW is possessed by the spirit of GARUDA!
For him to find peace he must conquer the wind,but he must also face many obstacles on his search and the only way for the legend to do so is to find his fellow spirit world  Avialae which is very difficult for a humanoid to do so.
But Paw has found a way,at least for now,to control its powerful pull towards the Alter-universe by PSEUDO-FLIGHT and through his fingers the force is released,hence, kites with bird names!
Its really obvious when you think about it


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