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 OK, I have an e2, addiction, and a jazz, now im considering a new member to the bunch. Now considering most of the time im cussing (no wind) unless im in berkeley , im seriousley looking into ul, now , Widow maker ul and done , or can i shave a few bux and get a silver fox ul Or ................. ??? any way wondering what you guys may think , and also im a hack at best but do appreciate qaulity things and absoultley love flying.thanks in advance.


Welcome to the Forum.

If you don't really "crash" your kites. You might consider

an SUL instead of a UL. Many of the trickier SULs are

really ULs, they're just not advertised correctly in my opinion.

You might consider an Aura at 4 ounces for those (no wind)

days you spoke of. Or perhaps a ProDancer, larger, true SUL

but no real tricks except when flown by people much better than


The Silver Fox UL is a bit on the heavy side for what you want.

I have a WM UL and really like it, but it is not a no wind kite.

Something like a Benson Inner Space could also be considered,

although more expensive.

Fly before you buy whenever possible.  :)

widow maker ul is one of my favorite kites
inner space for little or no wind but limited on tricks
i own and fly both these kites
sul needs very light inputs

Ca Ike:
Hey Frontosa,  SInce you get to berkeley where are you from?  There is a bunch of us that fly in ripon at Mistlin park the 2nd sunday of every month.  Come join us and try out some stuff before you decide what you want.  There isn't much someone in the group doesn't have in the bag, just depends on who shows up :).

thnx for the replys  :) and i may have overstated the wind conditions, i guess i should have said low not no wind, but great information and ca ike i may just roll out to salida, I wil pm you if I do.......and has anyone flown the jhon barresi dual liner ? oh oh and the prism 4d  ;D

thnx again



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