Newbie to UL SLK in china, IFlite and Freilein Raptor


Hello, I'm a 30-something years old newbie to flying kites. I've taken an interest in 0m/s wind kite flying because it is so unexpected.

I started with the iflite and practiced at home until I learned the basics, then I got a Freilein Raptor which I think is a great kite (it seems to be unique, heavier than other similar kites) but it needs a whole lot of training to fly in no wind, especially when launching it. I'm still practicing the launch, sometimes I crash it, often when the kite is on a fly away with no angle to the the line which I hold (because any pull makes it nose dive right away), or when it hits a puff of air traveling in the wrong direction and starts to spin earlier than expected. Lots of fun when its up in the air though.
I'll try to master it as much as I can, then later on I'll get a bigger kite, like a 2.7m horvath and try to fly that in no wind. I just enjoy it and other people seem to find it funny to watch a kite fly in no wind too.

Welcome to the Forum.

It seems you have found an aspect of kiting which has become

more popular in the last few years.

We here in Las Vegas enjoy the larger zero wind kites for our Friday

night flying sessions.


Very nice gliders for those big outdoor spaces.


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