Richmond Washington Regional Sport Kite Competition 2013

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My wife asked me to post this:

Save the date.  Saturday, September 14, 2013 is the date set for RWRSKC (Richmond Washington Regional Sport Kite Competition).  It will be held at Taylor Park in Hanover County located east of Ashland, VA.  Details will be posted soon.

Laura Stonestreet
AKA Southeast Conference Commissioner
Co-ordinator of RWRSKC

This is being posted by me -- the*real*stoney's wife:

Registration is now open for the 2013 edition of the Richmond-Washington Regional Sport Kite Championships (RWRSKC).  RWRSKC 2013 will take place on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, at Taylor Park in Ashland, VA.  RWRSKC is a one-day, novice-oriented sport kite competition event.   The day will start with one-on-one training for each new competitor, with each novice paired up with an experienced competitor for an hour of practice.  Then, experienced and masters competitors will compete in open precision and ballet events.  After each open event, the novice version of that event will follow.  This allows new competitors to see exactly what they will be doing when they compete.  RWRSKC is the best opportunity for someone who is interested in sport kite competition to give it a try and learn what it's all about.

RWRSKC is an AKA-sanctioned event, and will therefore generate points toward participation in the 2014 AKA Grand National competition.  To find out more about RWRSKC 2013, go to  It's easy to register for RWRSKC, just go to, fill out the form, and you're done!  You can even pay your registration fees online using a paypal account or any major credit card.

Special thanks to RWRSKC co-coordinator Marc Conklin and Chief Judge Will Smoot, as well as KiteBus Festivals' Terry Murray, who will provide sound and announcing for the event.  Thanks also to sponsors It's A Breeze Specialties and Flying Smiles Kites!

This announcement was unashamedly copied from last years announcement written by Marc Conklin!

Laura Stonestreet
Co-coordinator Richmond Washington Regional Sport Kite Competition

Something messed up on the previous post.  To register for RWRSKC, go to:


I'll be there!

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to register for RWRSKC (Richmond Washington Regional Sport Kite Competition).  The competition will be held at Taylor Park, east of Ashland, VA on 14 September 2013.  Non-novices must register by 7 September.  Novices may register anytime prior to the start of the first Novice discipline.  Go to and click on the link for RWRSKC for all details. 



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