Thanks Norm

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Well got my little gift in the mail.  I have anew set of lines waiting for them... 100' #100 ...   :D :D :D :D :D :D

Norm I for one always have appreciated what work you have done for this forum.  Especially for beginners.  The serendipitous trip in learning the trick teaches a few more skills than one can imagine.

The effort to make the straps and pay to have them sent around the country in itself distinguishes you from theirs.  But that has been your M.O. your whole life helping others.  No other reason to run into a burning building with people inside waiting to be rescued.  It's a word many people have's called Character.

Thanks for the Straps and the challenge.  If it weren't for you I wouldn't be doing the trick.


Congrads Joe, you earn those straps will a lot of effort.

Norm, Thanks from me to. Finally out of school. Just 117 or above in Vegas for the last week. next week it will cool down to 106   :D but I will be flying again and working on your challenges.



I have Nancy's Deep Space Ul... did my first JL's with it...  Weather hasn't cooped and we had a couple kite Fest.  Gonna go back to the Deep Space and work on the JL's.  Was exciting doing a couple Lt Rt's...  Kinda of let one know they can do it... That kite does them easily..

Set the New Straps on some new lines juts this morning.   JT,Devin,Mike,John,Roger,Wayne...we all flew at the Beach last night which was a Fireworks evening.   They gave us roped off area and we flew for about 2/3,000 people before the Band played.   By time fireworks we were gone out of that crowd.  Was a Great time...  Flying four man teams is a real blast.  I keep getting better flying pairs and Team.  Little Creep-O has spending a lot of time teaching me...

Four man Teams looks so Great in the sky...  JT calls the movements and as we flank up...It looks Great seeing four kites turn at the same time ... How was the Vacation and how do you guys stand 110 degree weather Wayne ???

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