Super Slow - Spectre landings and simple tricks

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Hi :)

Here im "raping" my Spectre (Super Zero Wind Kite - Zero Weight - less than 100gr at fullsize)

Im sure - there is more to get ;)

Have fun :)

Spectre - Landungen und leichte Tricks

Wow I like it!
What about frame amd sail material? Who sell this kite ?

Very nice! Damn i wish we had something like Tempelhof in Rotterdam. Such a great flying spot!

Irie tunes!

hot kite and video much enjoyed thanks............. :P

gipeto1, I make those kites.

Turbos kite here is a special one, i had a sail with slight imperfections laying around and he wanted it to see if he can make the kite trick. So he stuffed some trees as framing into it and with 135grams end weight is what you see in the video.

The normal Spectre XUL is framed with avia breeze and clocks in at 80 grams, but has close to absolute zero trickability, but flies under its own in a flies fart.


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