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thanks for watching

Sweet!  I love the movie, the kite, the flying.   I see the one pop there and the speed looks good as well. 

Ara Ararauna:
Quote from: Krijn on July 03, 2013, 02:24 PM

thanks for watching

Excellent Krijn!

Many things to comment.
I really like the combination of nice smooth tricks with the recovery of incredibly stable fades. VERY elegant!  :o
I really envy you for this control and fluidity.   :)

Very smooth JL's and backspins. Beautiful.

I "didn't like" it when you were landing your kite as seen from that camera point of view. It looked like you were landing much too close to the other kite on the ground and seemed like you could at some point puncture a hole through the other kite's sail with Bill's wing tips!   ???
Made me nervous...  ::)

I was going to say: "nice flying field" when all of a sudden that damn tractor appears!  :D
It was quite funny to see your quick pack-up.  :)
Although it was probably not that funny for you at that moment...   ;)

Finally I liked how you left the piece of video at the end when taking the camera in your hand and carrying it all the way to your car. I think it was aesthetically very well done and a nice background for the ending credits. Excellent audiovisual production!

So all in all, I really enjoyed this video!


              Bill looks a fun kite...


lucky the Nederlands have strict gun controls,that farmer was firing a warning shot with his drive-by,try that in the states and "YEE-HAAAAA",,,"I shot me one of them there kite varmints on me properties"..... "Well shoot,he dudnt fight back none neither".
Hot video and thanks...."YEEEE-HAAAA"....... :-*


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