4th of July Weather Check
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It's about noon here in Las Vegas.

According to weather.com and wunderground.com

106F = 41.1C (Predicted 113F this afternoon)

15% Humidity (49F Dew Point so A/C is on instead of the swamp coolers)

Winds in the 5-15 mph range (looking out window)

We're still getting some smoke smell from the fires in Arizona that took 19 firefighters lives.

UV High

Pollen High

Stay out of the sun until your shadow is longer than you are tall.  ???
Fly just before the sun goes down and bring your camera. :)

Hyperlink fixed (my bad)

Not much cooler out here.

Mohawk? ;)
Almost 90 and 90% humidity... uggghhh ! No hiding from it, too hot to fly !
Link fixed. Sorry.

Mohawk SUL, complete with grommets at the upper outhauls, very odd.
Steve Hall:
currently in Chico

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