Cpt. America Widow Maker 4th of July

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My new Cpt. America Widow Maker.  It's not a Ul and it's not a Std.  It's a Stdul...  :D :D :D :D  Jon made a few changes to make it an in-between....

Had my head phones (you can see my feet marching to the music)...and dubbed it later ...  4th of July Celebration.

This is a Custom Widow Maker ... There are only two like this one.  Another was made but less Stars... Contact Jon they can be ordered...

 The tail is a Gomberg 2" /100' with two foot panels of Red White and Blue. 

Widow Maker Cpt America

Love it..... :P
Thanks Yanks,in behalf of the free world..... :-*

I've been working the colorizer for my own Capt America Shield.  Not as nice as yours and I LOVE the tail!

Hi Vertigo,

Very nice indeed.  Minor correction--#1 also had 5 stars in the blue field.  It was a "light standard" (standard sail with a lighter frame and hardware.)  It almost feels weightless.

Happy Independence Day!!!


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JT wasn't sure if you had five stars or not.  Than there are three... I love your pic.  I down loaded it... Great design you came up with... They fly really nice also... They are beautiful.  Not really a big fan of the patriotic colors.  But watching the clip and seeing the tail colors changed that quickly... I really like the way she fly's with the different frame.  Loves Turtles and Mutli-Susans .. Gonna have some good times with this kite..

Just bumped Norm's pic of the Viagra Beach pic ...  nice Desktop pic


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