Test (another)

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Just checking the kite before it goes in a box and over the ocean.

The movie was shot with a little less weigth than I prefer. You can see the Yoyo's are a bit slow and the Wapdoowap also. I already put the 3 grams extra in the kite.




If slow is a problem,well, i wish i could be that slow.
Hot flying Sir and great video,thankyou..............  :P
Your slow = smoooooth........... 8)

Ara Ararauna:

+1 on smooooooooooooooth   :)


Looks pretty darned great! your skill makes it look effortless to fly. Very nice corners.

This and the magnet look like pretty good compliments to each other with the differences is speed and performance...

I will send you an email


You have some very fine flying skills... always like watching you clips...  Nice stuff.  Nice tracking on this kite... 

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