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This kite was owned by the late Alan Bayley.  As far as we can determine he only flew it once.  I assembled it and test flew it today, to make sure nothing is missing or broken - it isn't.

"Yes id like to report a had 4 tails and six heads"
"no,hang on,8 heads and 2 tails"
"Sir if you are wasting our time",,,,"no,no,i am serious"
Brilliant kite and great video thanks!
the listener series has always been a favorite of mine.............
Arrrgggg...  >:(  I love Robert's kites,  especially the cellulars, but can't see the video.

How can I see this on my tablet? In Chrome,  Firefox and YouTube I get a message like "the owner of this video has not made it available on mobile". Any suggestions, anyone?
bob you might be able to go to youtube in a browser....then at the bottom of the page it should say "desktop".....then you should be able to find Kevin's account (flicflac58 and he has some other good videos too in there)...
copy and paste this link into a browser page?
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