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The last three weeks the weather has been anything but cooperative. With the work schedule, I have evenings and weekends to play. First, a series of late day thunderstorms took out the flying time. Then came the lull - no wind for the  better part of a week. Followed by the monsoons - day after day of torrential rain. That led to fields that were flooded or too wet to use. Then a bumper crop of mosquitos and deer flys just throw in another level of hell.  Now back to late day boomers over last three days with the same predicted for the next several days.

Right now i'd settle for typical HHH summer weather. But not happenin" round here right now.



Summer is the worst season to be out flying...    :-[


Quote from: RobB on July 10, 2013, 06:44 AM
Summer is the worst season to be out flying...    :-[


Summer is the best time at the Coast. Hot inland temps make for a nice on-shore flow.

Remember, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are.


Its cold over here,but how the hell do some of you fly in snow?
It must be hard to cope with and your fingers?



Usually for me the weather turns to the opposite that i would like for testing.
If i build a low wind kite, its blowing, if i build a strong wind kite, its nothing. For weeks....

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